“Let the beauty we love be what we do”


Known for creating the extraordinary, Chanakya is inspired by timelessness and rarity.

Our journey to showcase the age-old heritage of hand embroidery began in 1982 in Mumbai, India. At Chanakya, generations of art aficionados, preservers and advocates of this craftsmanship have worked toward a singular aim: to ensure that the magic of artisans lives forever.

We firmly believe in the harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. Collaborating with global fashion houses to extensively research, design and produce high-fashion

garments and accessories, we seamlessly combine their signature style with our artisan’s core, inherent and inborn talent.

Over the decades, Chanakya has been honed with the experience of made-in-italy know-how, rapt attention to perfection and quality, and our own artistic sensibilities and craftsmanship.

The current generation of this family-run enterprise has been brought up among the arts and has trained and worked extensively in Italy with Europe’s leading fashion houses.