Alone we can do so little
together we can do so much


Creators take risks. It excites us to continually leap in the obscure and make meaningful things.

Established in 1986 by the visionary Vinod Shah, Chanakya International is presently spearheaded by his children, Karishma and Nehal.

The driving force of Chanakya is our people. A team of 50 designers and merchandisers meticulously transmit the client’s vision in an elemental form through the artisans. Our team of hand artisans is in the third generation of their

trade with decades of exemplary, original and innovative designs to their names.

Encouraged to constantly explore the contemporary, the artisans have also received intensive training from experienced Italian technicians. Their inherent flair and talents are matched with an education in techniques and an understanding of timelines, delivery standards as well as international-quality benchmarks.

Fashion demands attention and so, our Italian and American Marketing teams work closely and tirelessly with clients and the headquarters to achieve perfection.