“Where the mind is without fear”


Our roots are steeped in heritage, art, innovation and the now.

Committed to our ancestors’ legacy of exceptional quality, savoir faire and uncompromising values, our philosophy at Chanakya is to combine the finest material with impeccable craftsmanship to consistently deliver world-class surface ornamentation.

This legacy besieges us to singularly focus on building relationships, internally and in the world of fashion. As our close family of clients over the past three decades will testify, we believe in strengthening bonds with our partners and

journeying with them through the years.

Inspiration is everywhere – seamless and borderless. With innovation and inventiveness by our side, we continually pursue design revolutions. The rich art of hand craft is rare and exclusive to a few parts of the world.

At Chanakya, it is imperative for us to continually learn and update our know-how of this expertise. As a leading fine crafts’ manufacturer, we are on the pulse of ever-changing global style and fashion needs.